Ideally, tire rotations will take place each time that you get your car's oil changed. Therefore, you should plan on having this done every 5,000 to 7,000 miles that you drive. Rotating a car's tires on a regular basis will prevent uneven wear that results in bulges or other problems.

If a tire has a bulge, it could be at a higher risk of popping or blowing out when the car travels at high rates of speed. There is also a chance that a tire that is not close to perfectly round will not stop as quickly as it should.

Tires that wear evenly also tend to last longer, which helps to save money. Ultimately, you can give yourself peace of mind each time that you drive in North Haven, CT by completing this task on a regular schedule. You can schedule service at Gengras Volvo Cars North Haven at your earliest convenience.

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