How to Avoid Distracted Driving

All sorts of bad things can happen when you’re a distracted driver. From driving off the road to falling asleep at the wheel, these types of actions can be prevented. At Gengras Volvo, we’re here to offer a few friendly tips.

Limit the number of distractions that you have in the car. Focus on only allowing a certain number of passengers. Once you have more, you’ll want to turn around in your seat or get caught up in conversations. Consider avoiding food and drink in the car, too. As you’re reaching for a french fry, the car in front of you could stop short.

It’s also important to avoid technology that’s at your fingertips. This includes sending texts and answering calls (even using hands-free methods). Keep your devices out of hand’s reach so that you’re not tempted to do any kind of multi-tasking when you’re behind the wheel.



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