Volvo XC60 Boasts Abundance of Safety and Security Features

Volvo's unwavering commitment to passenger safety is perfectly exemplified with the XC60. This popular luxury compact SUV boasts an abundance of safety and security features designed to deliver supreme peace of mind in any driving situation. The XC60 enthusiasts at Gengras Volvo are eager to demonstrate to you how Volvo has your safety in mind when designing this venerable vehicle.

The standard Oncoming Lane Mitigation system assists drivers in the avoidance of potential collisions through an innovative automatic steering assistance. If the Volvo crosses a lane marking toward the path of an oncoming vehicle, the XC60 is automatically steered back as a warning is delivered to the driver.

Also standard is a lighting package featuring LED headlights with Thor's Hammer daytime running lights and auto high beams. The advanced LED light technology safely illuminates the road in front of you while the auto high beams intuitively lower when oncoming vehicles approach.



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